We are proud to introduce a new product to our existing range of fantastic pasta products: our ‘Little Taste of Italy’ Instant Ready Meals. We could best describe them as an organic ‘pot noodles’ for kids –  made with mini fusilli, with no added salt, no added sugar, and a wonderful dish that you can compost. Finally, freedom from eco-guilt! Take them anywhere, to a picnic, when out and about, when travelling...as long as you have some boiling water in a flask or at a water dispenser, you'll give your kids a delicious meal in just minutes. Anywhere, anytime!!

- vegetarian
- no added salt
- no added sugar
- allergens: gluten/dairy
- for ages:   36+ months
- contents:   45g dry
- servings: single / 1
- storage:  store in cool dry    cupboard.